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-**How to make the mini DIN 5pin to DIN 5pin convert cable for SYSTEM SACOM Co.Ltd'​s MIDI board.** 
-|{{:​x68000:​midi_cable_2.gif?​100|}} ​ |{{:​x68000:​midi_cable_1.gif?​900|}} ​ | 
-All information taken from http://​www.sssp.mihara.hiroshima.jp/​~shimsoft/​x68/​midicable/​mkmidicablee.html 
-Required Materials (Parts and Tools) 
-|DIN 5 pin socket ​  |Qty. 1  | 
-|Mini DIN 5 pin connector ​ |Qty. 1  | 
-|5 wire cable  |Qty. Your required length. Mine was about 15cm.  | 
-The Sharp boards and the 2nd SACOM board have the same pinout. The image shows solder side of the connectors. Connect points as shown in the diagram (1-1,2-2, ...5-5). Test the connections with a multimeter and make sure that they are correct. Connect the cable to MIDI board and MIDI sound module via MIDI Standard cable. 
-X68k MIDI board'​s MIDI out port -> Created cable -> MIDI standard cable -> MIDI sound module 
-Try playing music on X68k with Z-music or other system software. If MIDI sound module is receiving the MIDI message, then your work is done. 
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