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PC Floppy Drive on X68000

The floppy drives in the X68000 are just regular PC drives with extra features. In fact, on the PRO they share the same part numbers with their PC counterparts (It's a TEAC drive). If you can live without soft-eject and computer-controlled blinking lights, you can easily connect a normal PC drive to the X68000. Simply follow this connection diagram, and you're done!


X68000 Signal PC Floppy
1 Density 2
3 DS3 6
4 Index 8
5 DS0 10
6 DS1 12
7 DS2 14
8 Motor On 16
9 Direction 18
10 Step 20
11 Write Data 22
12 Write Gate 24
13 Track 0 26
14 Write Protect 28
15 Read Data 30
16 Side Select 32
17 Ready 34
30-36 Ground 19-33*
* odd numbered pins only
  • All unlisted pins are NC (not connected) on both sides.
  • This connection diagram is for the external floppy drive connector.


This information was designed for a 3.5“ floppy, however the information should also be valid for a 5.25” drive.

This information taken from Backup Technique magazine, Dec. 1990

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