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How to make a null modem cable for X68000 <> PC data transfers

Here are the pinouts for confirmed working null modem cable with partial handshaking. It is fully Magic Knights tutorial compatible, handles speeds up to 38400 bps reliably and supports hardware flow control.

Signal name DB9 Female DB25 Male Signal name
Data Carrier Detect (DCD) 1 4 + 5 Request To Send (RTS) + Clear To Send (CTS)
Receive Data (RD) 2 2 Transmit Data (TD)
Transmit Data (TD) 3 3 Receive Data (RD)
Data Terminal Ready (DTR) 4 6 Data Set Ready (DSR)
Signal Ground (SGND) 5 7 Signal Ground (SGND)
Data Set Ready (DSR) 6 20 Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
Request To Send (RTS) + Clear To Send (CTS) 7 + 8 8 Data Carrier Detect (DCD)

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