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 ====== 2-1 Construction of graphic screen ====== ====== 2-1 Construction of graphic screen ======
-====== 2-1-1  ======+====== 2-1-1 Screen mode of graphic screen ====== 
 +It is shown on Table 1, p.167 that list of screen mode which is considered X68000 supports. 
 +X68000 has many screen modes ,but when pay attention to number of dots,it is combination of 2 types of real screen and 4 types of display screen. 
 +In table, a double circle means that screen mode is supported by BASIC ,XC library, IOCS call. 
 +And a single circle means that screen mode is not supported by system software ,but is to exist in XC programmers manual and so on.
 +And it is called high definition mode or normal definition mode in Table 1.
 +That means simply horizontal scan frequency is 31kHz or 15kHz.
 +It it strange 15kHz is called normal mode because X68000 usually uses 31kHz.
 +But this term is often used in manuals by SHARP,so I follow a rule.
 +15kHz is used in analog TV(in Japan,but analog TV broadcast in Japan is discontinued),then if superimpose mode is used, we use 15kHz mode.
 +In 15kHz we can use only screen mode whose dot number is 512 or 256.
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