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-All information on this page was taken from: http://​www.geocities.co.jp/​SiliconValley-SanJose/​6808/​ 
-===== TS-6BGA: PCM sound board graphics accelerator ===== 
-It is a graphics accelerator & PCM sound board for X68000 manufactured by Ninety-nine Electric Ltd (九十九電機(株)). The board has 2MB VRAM which allows X68000 to display Truecolor and it can play PCM sound in 48/​44.1/​32/​24/​22.05KHz mono or stereo. This board was manufactured to expand the graphics display capabilities and to provide CD-quality sound playback. 
-**The connectors** 
-|①|RGB OUT|Connect to the monitor| ​ 
-|②|RGB IN|Connect to the RGB output which comes from X68000| ​ 
-|③|PCM sound source LINEOUT|PCM sound output. Connect to amplifier, etc..| 
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