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X68000 EXPERT capacitor list

The following information was kindly contributed by our forum member Famiac

Motherboard caps:

  • C22 470uf 10v
  • C23 2200uf 6.3v
  • C32 .47uf 50v
  • C35 220uf 6.3v

Daughterboard capacitors:

.47uf 50v C231, C232, C236, C247, C264
1uf 50v C218, C233, C258
4.7uf 50v C201, C202, C203, C204, C207, C226, C230, C260
10uf 16v C225
22uf 16v C217
47uf 16v C208, C252, C253
100uf 6.3v C210, C212, C224, C237, C238, C249
100uf 10v C234, C243, C261
100uf 16v C209, C211, C227, C235, C242, C259
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