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 {{:​x68000:​cz-604c_1.jpg|}} {{:​x68000:​cz-604c_1.jpg|}}
-X68000SUPER is, SUPER with built-in 80MB 3.5-inch hard drive in April 1990-HD, was released in December 2006 and SUPER +The X68000 Super and Super HD were released in April of 1990. The Super HD featured a built-in 80MB 3.5 inch hard drive. ​With the Super, came the utilization of a standard SCSI interface ​both internally and externallyallowing the use of external SCSI CD-ROM ​drives and internal SCSI hard drives.
-Become ​a standard SCSI interface, CD-I was able to connect peripheral devices such as a ROM drive intact.+
 {{:​x68000:​cz-604c_2.jpg|}} {{:​x68000:​cz-604c_2.jpg|}}
-Exterior ​color is called titanium black, the color becomes a little classy, gold badge logo is X68000 ​(?) Now.+The exterior ​color is called titanium black. The color is similar to the XVI models. The X68000 ​emblem is gold and is not painted, but rather a separate plastic emblem.
 |{{:​x68000:​cz-604c_3.jpg?​200|}} ​ |{{:​x68000:​cz-604c_4.jpg?​186|}} ​ | |{{:​x68000:​cz-604c_3.jpg?​200|}} ​ |{{:​x68000:​cz-604c_4.jpg?​186|}} ​ |
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