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-All information on this page was taken from: http://​www.geocities.co.jp/​SiliconValley-SanJose/​6808/​ 
-===== XSIMM6 memory expansion board ===== 
-XSIMM6 (Six Sim X) was invented and manufactured in 1994 by Systems Research Ltd., Tokyo. It is a memory expansion board with built-in SIMM memory socket and there are two variants of it: 
-  *XSIMM6 designed for X68000 XVI 
-  *XSIMM6c designed for X68000 XVI Compact. ​ 
-This is due to different shape and mounting positions of internal memory expansion for XVI and XVI Compact. 
-|{{:​x68000:​xsimm6_2.jpg|}} ​ |{{:​x68000:​xsimm6_3.jpg|}} ​ | 
-|  XSIMM6 ​ |  XSIMM6c ​ | 
-These XSIMM boards use the following 72pin SIMM memory modules which height must not exceed 30 mm (the default height is 25 mm). 
-  *PC/AT compatible: 9-bit (with parity) 72-pin 
-  *Macintosh: 8-bit, 72-pin 
-It supports 4MB and 8MB SIMM's (70ns and 60ns SIMM's will work but only at 70ns). It can expand the X68000 memory with additional 2MB, 4MB or 6MB. 
-There is a dip-switch panel in the middle of the board right below the SIMM socket. ​ 
-The dip-switch settings are as follows: 
-|{{:​x68000:​xsimm6_4.jpg|}} ​ |{{:​x68000:​xsimm6_5_translated.png|}} ​ | 
-The memory will be expanded with additional 6MB even if an 8MB SIMM will be installed and all four switches are set to ON. 
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