Make your PAL 50Hz SNES run at 60Hz!

Oh, yeah, it's possible to make your PAL SNES run full speed! Nintendo made the system run slightly slower than the american units for reasons known only to them. Because of this, you'll find that most games run slower on a PAL system than an NTSC system. Fix it!

As you can see in the following diagram, it's a dead-easy mod to perform. Simply open your SNES, remove the eject button and metal shielding, locate the points shown below and attach a switch as shown. Replace the removed bits, close it up, and go! Note: You will need a GameBit Driver to open the SNES unit. Thanks to Mark K who wrote a more detailed file concerning the modification, in case you need more assistance.

[Overview of SNES board]
The parts are very easy to locate - just follow the diagram below when attaching your wires and you won't have any problems.

[Diagram of SNES 50/60 mod]

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