Adding RGB to Your LaserActive (Work In Progress)

We're working on something fun. RGB output from the Pioneer LaserActive would certainly be a boon for those lucky enough to own one. We've tracked down some RGB lines inside the system, and below you'll find details on finding them yourself, should you be so brave. Ground and Sync are available from the Composite Video output, but you'll have to use an LM1881 chip to strip out the unecessary video information. This will be, if it works, a nice addition to our LaserActive S-video hack. Chances are it won't work with LD video, only the game packs, but that's better than the standard composite video (and here's why). Remember that the benefits of RGB aren't for everyone.

Step 1: Open your system (two screws on each side and five in the back) and remove the cover. You should now see this. Remove the four screws indicated, and flip the PCB over to the left.

Step 2: Remove the wire on the left first (gently pull it out of the socket) and then remove the five ribbon cables indicated by gently lifting the restraining clip up on both sides of the connector. They're quite soft, so you can wriggle and bend without issue. Be careful not to bend the 'legs' of the ribbon cable once it's out though. It won't hurt them, but it makes it harder to put them back.

Step 3: This is the RGB sub-board. Remove it by lifting the top two restraining clips,and gently removing the bundle of blue wires from the two restraints - one metal twist-rod and one plastic clip. The RGB board will lift straight out, but there are some ribbon cables still attached to the bottom which are quite stiff, and you'll have to wriggle to remove the board.

Step 4: This is a closeup of the RGB board, and you can clearly see three metal jumpers labelled R, G and B. Attach some wires and plug it in and see what happens! As soon as we get a few more parts in we'll be giving it a shot.

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