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Fri, 03-10-2014
Eidis has been working hard, gathering a ton of console and other schematics, and he's put them all on the wiki.

Thu, 08-05-2014
I updated the PCE expansion connector today, with a handful of clarifications and a couple of new bits of info.

Mon, 06-01-2014
Man, the last update was nearly three years ago. I suck so very much.


1. The wiki is functional again, thanks to forum member Lydux. He went through significant effort to make it go, and he's got a heap of my finest thanks.

2. The forum is where all the action is. There have been many new projects and discussions there. Go check it out!

See you in three more years!

Sun, 28-03-2010
Forum member RGB32E has written up a new RGB amp for N64 and PC Engine systems (and it'll work on a NES too, if you have an RGB chip installed).

He suggests this mod should supersede the old one, as it works better and doesn't rely on flaky parts.

Thu, 25-06-2009
Forum member ulao says he's cracked the Saturn Analogue Pad protocol.

Bloody good work. =D

Tue, 23-06-2009
Forum member Tiido has created a new crystal-clear audio amp for the Genesis/MegaDrive (model 2) to create what he says is clearer audio than the standard machine. Check it out!

Sun, 25-01-2009
As seen in the forum, it seems that my ten-year-old SNES2 RGB mod was not working for everyone, and a new one was posted on the wiki.

Here it is!

Wed, 26-11-2008
I've completely re-done the whole of this page. Yeah, I know, it looks the same, but now it's running on a real content management system. One secret shame I've harboured while running this site for the last eleven years is that it was all manually edited HTML, but no longer!

Which means, among other things, there's finally an RSS feed!

Other News:
I've started a new site for controllers: reviews, technical and other fun things. NFGcontrols.com.
NFGgames.com is undergoing a revival also, with a move to the new system.

And that's update #2 for 2008. =(

Wed, 26-11-2008
I've added the X68000 dual D-pad controller schematic to the wiki. This unique pad uses a 74157 chip to provide two d-pads for Crazy Climber and Libble Rabble.

I've also put together an Xbox 360 pad mod so I could use my old Atari joysticks to play Pac Man Championship Edition. It works perfectly and makes a lot of 360 2D games WAY more fun. (Hey microsoft, your D-pad sucks!)

Also updated or added the following:

PC Engine Controller Schematic

Megadrive/Genesis 3-button Controller Schematic

As usual, most of the action is on The Forum.

Tue, 28-08-2007
Forum regulars viletim and JRieman have been very busy lately. In no particular order they've added to the wiki:

* PAL Intellivision AV mod
* Colecovision AV mod
* Philips G7000 Videopac AV mod
* Dreamcast Controller Fuse Repair
* SNES SP/DIF Digital Audio mod
* Dreamcast Digital Audio Mod
* Saturn Digital Audio Mod
* Dreamcast 480i/480p SCART cable

There's a lot more, like this fantastic mod matrix. Check out the wiki changelog for way more mods and information!

This site really needs an RSS feed...

Sun, 26-11-2006
Thanks to forum members RGB32E and dustinh2k there is now a Wii AV pinout on the wiki. It's not complete yet - five pins are still unknown, but odds are good that they're RGB. If you know anything we don't, leave a note on the forum (no registration required!).

Mon, 30-10-2006
I've fixed an old, long-standing error in the Japanese Computer 15-pin video connector. There are significant differences between the X68000 and PC-9801, and FM Towns. Sorry if your monitor blew up 'cause of me.

I've also put together a brief page on adding power to RGB cables that need it.

Wed, 20-09-2006
RobIvy has thrown a faster clock into his PCEngine and, apparently, it was a success. Games run faster, but so does the sound. A marginal increase in speed reduces slowdown in some games without raising the pitch too much.

Mon, 03-07-2006
Following up on the well-received PCFX Disassembly (did anyone even know it was there?) I've torn apart a Sharp X1 Twin. This weird hybrid PC Engine/X1 computer, obviously never released outside Japan, should probably have never existed. I'm not sure why Sharp bothered, but then they were always into weird combo units. Enjoy!

Wed, 26-11-2008
Thanks to Charles MacDonald I've updated the PCEngine Expansion Port pinout page.

Wed, 26-11-2008
2Y.NET has been down for a few days now, and while I've no reason to believe it's permanent, it has caused nfg.2y.net to stop working. Because of this, I'm pleased to announce NFG Games now has a permanent home: NFGGames.com.

So for the few of you who might come here wondering where NFG Games has gone, now you know.

Wed, 26-11-2008
A few updates for this Xmas:

There's an all-new RGB amp for Sega's Mark 3 for your enjoy.

Much new info has been added to the Japanese RGB-21 pinout page, and a few tweaks and links have been applied to the Euro SCART page.

Some other misc info has been added or created:

Sony's CXA chroma encoders,

Micomsoft's X-RGB series,

Comparison of several DB9-using controllers, like MegaDrive, X68000, FM Towns, MSX, Atari etc.

Sega Master System Controller - updated

Playstation Multi-AV port - rewritten

LM1881 Sync Separator - rewritten

Mainpage trouble? One GameSX reader reports trouble viewing this page. If you're having similar trouble, let me know on the forum or send me a mail.

Wed, 26-11-2008
I've gone through several revisions of the Saturn import mod. This is the latest. It's a really simple concept once you get your head around it, but I've always had trouble trying to explain it. Now, with the help of some fancy animated GIFs and a pair of massive tables, I think the concept is clearer than ever. The old page can be found here.

Wed, 26-11-2008
A long time ago, an AtariLabs user posted the pinout to the Nintendo GameCube component cable chip. He also posted a circuit for obtaining optical digital audio from the GameCube. I've dug up and resurrected this data, and added a bunch more:

GameCube Digital Audio

GameCube Digital AV Port

In addition, there's a new page in the Joystick department, a detailed look at the Capcom A10CA Power Stick Fighter.

Also, thanks to Outrider, there's a Jaguar 50/60 Hz mod available.

Finally, the Nintendo SNES/N64/GC AV connector page has been completely reworked.

Wed, 26-11-2008
Instead of meaningful updates, here's another in a series of mods that no one but me will ever use: a six-button schematic for the X68000.

Wed, 26-11-2008
If there's one thing we all know, it's that I can't be counted on to do regular updates, either new stuff or corrections of the old stuff. To combat this I've put together a wiki - a publicly editable version of GameSX that will allow anyone to edit the pages, create new ones and generally fix the stuff you can't rely on me to fix.

I'm sorry, I suck.

In other news I've got STACKS of new mods coming up - PCEngine, SNES, MegaDrive + NEO GEO mods stacked up to the roof. Nearly 100 Japanese hard hacking mags filled with mods and fun tricks for every console under the sun. Coming soon! In the mean time, check out the wiki.

Mon, 03-01-2005
The PC Engine and Shuttle Expansion Connectors!! Yeah! I swear I've posted this three times now. Here it is again, very sorry. I don't know how it disappeared the last two times. Bah.

Fri, 08-10-2004
The update I made last night sucked, so I rewrote the whole page from scratch. Here, for your enjoyment, is the definitive guide to adding RGB to your PC Engine. All new pics, all new text, all new love. If you find errors or have suggestions you can Mail me. Oh yeah, this is something you may have missed. I made an all-new video primer, with loads more diagrams and actual comprehensible text, on my other game site. Check it out.

Wed, 26-11-2008
After an amazing six full years I've finally updated the PC Engine/TurboGrafx RGB page. I fixed a slew of errors, replaced the crappy RGB amp with one far better, explained a few things more clearly, and added nearly ten new pictures. There's more to come.

Wed, 26-11-2008
I've whipped up a horrible page showing, in excruciating detail, how to make a Saturn USB pad. Have a look. That is all, carry on.

Wed, 26-11-2008
Many of you have noticed the appalling lack of contiguous uptime around here lately, and for that I apologize. The great little company that has hosted this site since about 1996 has been absorbed by some woefully incompetant company and the results have been appalling, to say the least. Please forgive me for allowing this to happen.

In other news, none of the contact emails on this site work, they generate about 700 spam a day now so I've cut them off. Please use this page for all emails to me, and for all questions or mod discussions please see the forums.

Wed, 26-11-2008
Along with our HiSaturn mod the X68000 Power Supply Repair Guide is something no one else will probably ever need to use. For those of you who do have an X68000 though this page is hugely useful. The power supplies in these great old computers blow a lot. In other news, 2y.net is back online, and so are the forums.

Wed, 26-11-2008
Thanks to HunterX on the GameSX forums for sending us the first partial pinout of Nintendo's Chinese iQue system.

Wed, 26-11-2008
I've whipped up an Illuminated Saturn mod. Also, I've redesigned the mainpage again. The old one, in case you forgot, looked like this. I hope you'll all agree the new look is easier on the eyes, hit the forums and let me know.

Wed, 26-11-2008
There's a new RGB + Svideo modpage for the Sega/Majesco Genesis 3 system, and I've updated the HiSaturn Navi RGB page with a new picture. The PC Engine import mod page has a picture of the PC Engine LT mod. There's a nearly done page about my Neo stick -> GameCube mod right here.

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