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October 27/2k3 A whole mess of updates for you
There's a new RGB + Svideo modpage for the Sega/Majesco Genesis 3 system, and I've updated the HiSaturn Navi RGB page with a new picture. The PC Engine import mod page has a picture of the PC Engine LT mod. There's a nearly done page about my Neo stick -> GameCube mod right here.

September 22/2k3 MCCap Software Found
Thanks to gnuZ for digging up a copy of the old MCCap software. This is a home-built Playstation memory card reader, do check it out if you're interested.

September 18/2k3 XRGB-2 Mod, Forums Moved
Converting an XRGB-2 from J-RGB to PAL/SCART is very easy. Please see this forum post. Also, the Forums have moved from their old home on AtariLabs to a faster server on nfg.2y.net. New registrations are required, sorry about that.

May 18/2k3 Saturn Controller Data
Here's some info I've had for a very long time but never got around to translating and drawing up diagrams for: The Saturn controller port. It's a neat thing, the Saturn recognizes and uses Megadrive peripherals! Shame I don't have the pinout for 'em... Anyway, check it out: Right Here!

March ??/2k3 Updated Saturn ModPage
Created five new diagrams and five new PCB pics to make up for the appallingly crappy Saturn import mod page I've ignored for like six years. Please have a look. I hope you like it.

February 24/2k3 More Sega Mods
Added two new import mods to the Genesis family. Now you can mod your MegaJet and/or your JVC/Sega WonderMega 1 by following these easy steps.

February 22/2k3 JVC WonderMega 2
Here's the inside of a JVC WonderMega model 2. It's a curious beast.

February 14/2k3 How to Solder
I can't claim to be the best solder-er in the world, but I get asked often enough how it should be done that I've whipped up a quick n easy guide to soldering bliss. Also please check out our console modding contest!.

February 9/2k3 Saturn Access LED + Console Mod Contest
It's been a real Saturn-fest around here. Add an access LED to most any newer model Saturn, and head over to the AtariLabs Forums and check out the very first GameSX.com console mod contest. Made something shiny? Modded something you're proud of? Post a pic, show the world. PC modders shouldn't have all the fun! Check it out here.

December 2/2k2 New mod + an update
There's a new switchless Saturn mod and I finally updated the Saturn Import mod page. More to come on that one. Also I thought I'd say that I cannot resist the siren call of blue LEDs either.

November 27/2k2 Tiny Goodness
A short but fun update for you. Added the Sega Genesis Cartridge pinouts, along with the less useful expansion port pinouts.

November 21/02 Updates!
Here's what's been going on lately:
1. Fixed an error on the NEO GEO Controller page regarding +5v and common lines.
2. Been working on a half dozen projects:
SGX in TEOn Hold - I took a break making the schematic and lost my place, I hate starting over. Also the thought of a mod with 200+ wires to solder kinda makes me tired just thinking about it.
GBA in SuperGBOn Hold - The idea of a GBA + TV adaptor inside a SNESjr was a really good one, except I'm up against physical contraints and I'm not sure how I will resolve them. WIP pics: one, two, three
Ultimate JoystickOn Hold - I can't drill holes in a nicely spaced straight line, so there's no easy way to add AV outputs. I think I have a solution, and will work on it this week. Still need a way to mount the top panel so it can be opened from above.
Power LEDsIn Progress - I've mastered Ohm's Law (or parts thereof) and have been shoving power LEDs into devices that didn't have them before, like the 32X and CoreGrafx. Expect a detailed tutorial on resistors and LEDs this week!
Twinsticks NEOFinished - Converted a set of Dreamcast VirtualOn Twinsticks to run through a NEO pinout, and into a NEO -> USB adaptor, so I can play tank-style games on the PC.
NEO to USBFinished - gutted a USB pad and gave it a NEO input connector so I can use all my mangled controllers on the PC more easily.
August 16/2k2 Fried Drives!
The ISP hosting these pages has fried a hard drive. Gamesx.com was down for the last 48 hours. I'm trying to replace the files now, but apparently the quota for the site is about 1/4 the size it should have been. Many things are broken, but should be fixed in another 24 hours or so. My apologies for the delay.

May 01/2k2 Updates, Fixes, WIP and WHY!
A few new updates: The Xbox AV pinout listed C-Sync where C-Video was present (Thanks to a very angry person for pointing that out). The GameGear cartridge pinout had a pin count error. Also, I've been slaving like mad over a PC Engine schematic as well as a SuperGrafx schematic with the eventual goal of putting the SGX chips in a Turbo Express. Portable SuperGrafx anyone?

April 17/2k2 RGB from the NGC?
Someone's figured out how to get RGB/VGA from the Nintendo GameCube. Check it out.

March 06/2k2 Nomad Switchless Territory Mod
It's really easy to modify a nomad for US/JP/PAL territory protected games, but it sucked to have a new switch cut into your Nomad's case. With the simple addition of only two wires you can control the Nomad's territory with only the A and Start buttons! Check it out!

February 27/2k2 A Mod No One Else Will Use
The Hitachi HiSaturn is a beautiful console, but for reasons unknown Hitachi didn't include RGB output. If you've got one of these glorious things and dare modify the thing, here's how to do it.

February 25/2k2 A Work in Progress
Just thought I'd show you my current project as it currently stands. The Ultimate Joystick is an attempt to shove as much of an entire PC into one Sega joystick as possible. Looks like it'll work.

January 26/2k2 WTF Happened Pt. III?
Another day has come and gone, and I've got a fistful of fine new data for you. Not one, not two, or even three but four fancy new console hacks (All on one page for easy digestion!). The Sega CDX, Nomad, Laser-Active pack, and Genesis 3 are all laid open for your 50/60Hz and US/JP modding needs. Please pass your magnificent eyes over this most wretched page.

January 26/2k2 WTF Happened Pt. II?
Found another missing update - the Nintendo Game Cube Import Mod page was also lost. Thanks to Sven for pointing that out. If anyone sees anything else that used to be here and is now gone, please let me know!

January 20/2k2 WTF Happened?
I dunno what happened, but somehow we lost a couple of updates. The Work In Progress PC Engine RGB mod taken from a PCE->JAMMA PCB (see here) and our new updated Controller Primer (over here). If you notice anything else missing, please let me know!

January 1/2k2 You suck at Blue!!
Just a quick educational note: Your eyes suck at blue.

December 30/2k1 XBOX AV connector!
A fine German named Tim Rettmann sent us his method for getting RGB from an XBOX suitable for use with SCART televisions (15kHz RGB). We've managed to fill in the blanks and can now present, in all its glory, the xbox connector with NTSC, PAL, VGA, RGB and Component pinouts. Go nuts!

October 19/2k1 Super Neo Geo!
For reasons that will soon become clear, I've posted the Super NEO GEO controller pinout over here.

October 14/2k1 Cart Port Pinouts!
A long time ago I promised more cart pinouts. I'm finally delivering!! Check out the bare-bones pinouts for the Sega Master System and Game Gear. Also, check out our new Forums, over there on the top left.

October 13/2k1 Fix those NGCD pads!
If you own a NEO CD system, you've probably come across pad failure - those great little SNK pads are made of the flimsiest crappiest switches. Fret no more! Here's our fix!

October 10/2k1 Finally found it!
This elusive pinout has been dodging me for a while. Here it is: the Japanese D-Video connector in all its glory. Also, in case you missed it, the Japanese Computer RGB page has the X68000, FM Towns, PC9801 pinouts, which happens to be the same for most post-MSX and pre-DOS/V computers in Japan.

September 15/2k1 Nintendo GameCube Action
Special Note! There's interesting digital copy protection on the GameCube 5cm DVD media. A ring around the center of the disc can be seen when you tilt the disc just right. The Nintendo GameCube gets naked for your enjoyment.

August 6/2k1 It feels good, don't it?
Three happy new pages for you: How to repair a Panasonic MSX Floppy Drive, How to change the language setting of a NEO GEO CDZ system, and a shot of our Work In Progress on the Pioneer Laseractive's RGB mod!

May 6/2k1 Red Bull, what have you done to me?
I went crazy last night. In a Red-Bull induced frenzy I whipped up the following: Sega SG-1000 joystick pinout, X68000 keyboard, X68000 mouse, X68000 3D port, X68000 floppy, and I noticed and fixed the errors on the MSX + X68000 joystick page. Enjoy!

March 18/2k1 I'm not dead!
The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Here's a pinout for the Sega TeraDrive RGB Monitor, along with a promise of more goodness to come.

October 25/2k I'm workin on it...
Picked up a stack of Game Lab magazines, and I'm getting around to punching in some of the fun new stuff I've found therein. Check out the new Nintendo SNES/NES data page. Tell me that ain't nice to see.

October 08/2k Cleaning Up A Few Things
Special Occasion: Happy fun times abound. My PC Engine reader has proven successful after gobs of effort and no shortage of frustration. The fruits of my labour are here for your eyes - Bomberman '93 Special which has been unavailable in ROM format until now. DL and enjoy.
In the process of building something fun (An interface for my eprom reader to read PC Engine cards) I discovered that the pinout in my Hardware Book Mirror had some deficiencies. I fixed 'em, as you can see here as well as in the TurboGrafx pinout. For those of you who don't know, Joakim Ogren's Hardware Book is invaluable - too bad he's not updating it anymore, but we, among others, continue to mirror it (And I'm still adding to it) on account of it's massive usefulness.

October 07/2k So much for that updating rampage...
I just can't leave well enough alone. I've redesigned the main page again. Hope ya like it, bitch and moan if you don't. All this time since the last update and this is the best I could manage. ;) Lik-Sang, those fine purveyors of all things controversial, have seen fit to mention my lowly site in their latest newsletter. Thanks! Greets to anyone visiting for the first time! Also, Check here for the old page, in case you forgot.

September 07/2k Wow, an UPDATE! Mk II
The updating rampage continues unabated! Threw the pinout for the Fujitsu FM Towns and Marty joysticks online.

September 05/2k Wow, an UPDATE!
Finally, a decent update! Got a few more things in the pipe, my apologies to everyone sending in mods, moving overseas drains a person, yknow? At any rate, I've got controller data for the MSX & X68000 series' of computers, as well I've added a new bit of Cheap Arcade in the House lovin'. Enjoy! More to come.

July 04/2k It's been a while!
Fuck, you'd have been forgiven for thinking I died or something!! No updates for four months? I have no excuse - I'm just lazy. My apologies to all who've sent info along, I'll be getting to that RSN. For those who're interested, we're moving to Japan on the 26th of July. It's a permanent move, but I can safely assure you the updates won't be any less frequent from there than here (how could they possibly be?). New info: For those four of you lucky enough to own a JVC/Sega WonderMega/X'Eye, there's an RGB mod for it now, curtesy of Tobias W. Reich.

March 13/2k Some PS2 Controller Info!
Still no camera, thanks Future Shop! We've opened and solved a PlayStation 2 Controller Mystery and we've got a few new pages going up right away. Thanks to all of you sending in new tech info - I'm sorry I suck at getting this info put online!

March 08/2k The PS2 Arrives!
Sadly my digital camera bit the big one in a freak crash, and so while I won't have any pics for a while, here is my review of the PS2. It's got a damned sexy box!! Oh, and we've sold our soul to the fine people at Video Game Depot and you can see their ad to the left. They're great guys, click on that link a lot, ok? If you don't want to see their ad, feel free to send me games.

February 21/2k Finally! An update!!
Some new happenings around here. First off, we've added a Bulletin Board so there's a little more interactivity to the site. Post away - it's your forum. Also, as you may have noticed, we've re-designed the main page AGAIN - to include a link to every page without having to nav the sub-menus. Do you like it? Let me know.

January 18/2k We're on a rampage!
Added something new - Cart pinouts! The only one done so far is a NEO GEO POCKET pinout, but we'll be adding some more soon. If you have any, please email us! You can check out the first diagram here

January 10/2k Finally!
We've finally updated! There was a broken link to the TurboDuo AV page, so we fixed that. We've also been working on a 3-IC mod for a turbo express so you can play import carts on it without using a bulky adaptor. Watch for that mod real soon now! Also, we're looking for more info on console controllers (dreamcast, etc). If you have anything, please email us.

September 30/99 Hey, cool!
Those fine overpriced folks at ZiffDavis have seen fit to list this web page in their Dreamcast links section! If you can actually afford their magazine, by all means pick one up and check it out.

September 03/99 A Tragic Story.
A freak hard-drive corruption has wiped out my beloved Atari TT030. 90% of the files are gone! =( If you have any Calamus fonts, please email me.

August 29/99 Some Store Updates...
We finally got sick of Nintendo clogging up our shelves - the NES games were outselling the N64 by a wide margin. Check it out. Also, we've done some silly things before, but this one is cool.

August 03/99 Playstation-PC MCCAP English version now available!
The english version of the MCCAP software is now available. Build your own Dex Drive and download the new software now!Do it now!

Er... Date? Dreamcast VGA Box!!
The complete info on getting VGA output from your Dreamcast! Simply follow this amazing and easy to read picture!

July 26/99 Hacking Printers!
My printer sucked... So I changed it.

OLD TIMERS! Where'd Who Go?
For the rest of the antiquated updates, click HERE!


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