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As of May 01/2k this site is no longer affiliated with the Game Station X retail outlet. This domain site is not going to change name or location, so your bookmarks are safe. ;) Let me take a moment of your time to explain our purpose here: Information should be FREE. Really - it should! People who hoard information or try to make themselves superior by selling or handing it out in a miserly fashion suck ass. When I first started hacking consoles I had a bitch of a time finding ANYTHING on the web. Either no-one knew anything, or nobody knew more than one thing. So I starting gathering and collecting this data. This collection grew into the GameSX site. I've hacked damn near every console out there, and took pictures of the progress I made. I can personally vouch for most of the mods on these pages, but of course beware! I'm not taking responsibility for your inability to judge these things for yourself. Most of the mods and info here are strictly reference guides - no attempt has been made to make these projects idiot proof. That said, go nuts - enjoy the pages found herein. Please don't steal my hard work and pass it off as your own. Feel free, however, to pass it around or repost it with proper credit given.

September 07/2k
Wow, an UPDATE! Mk II
The updating rampage continues unabated! Threw the pinout for the Fujitsu FM Towns and Marty joysticks online.
September 05/2k
Wow, an UPDATE!
Finally, a decent update! Got a few more things in the pipe, my apologies to everyone sending in mods, moving overseas drains a person, yknow? At any rate, I've got controller data for the MSX & X68000 series' of computers, as well I've added a new bit of Cheap Arcade in the House lovin'. Enjoy! More to come.
July 04/2k
It's been a while!
Fuck, you'd have been forgiven for thinking I died or something!! No updates for four months? I have no excuse - I'm just lazy. My apologies to all who've sent info along, I'll be getting to that RSN. For those who're interested, we're moving to Japan on the 26th of July. It's a permanent move, but I can safely assure you the updates won't be any less frequent from there than here (how could they possibly be?). New info: For those four of you lucky enough to own a JVC/Sega WonderMega/X'Eye, there's an RGB mod for it now, curtesy of Tobias W. Reich.
March 13/2k
Some PS2 Controller Info!
Still no camera, thanks Future Shop! We've opened and solved a PlayStation 2 Controller Mystery and we've got a few new pages going up right away. Thanks to all of you sending in new tech info - I'm sorry I suck at getting this info put online!
March 08/2k
The PS2 Arrives!
Sadly my digital camera bit the big one in a freak crash, and so while I won't have any pics for a while, here is my review of the PS2. It's got a damned sexy box!! Oh, and we've sold our soul to the fine people at Video Game Depot and you can see their ad to the left. They're great guys, click on that link a lot, ok? If you don't want to see their ad, feel free to send me games.
February 21/2k
Finally! An update!!
Some new happenings around here. First off, we've added a Bulletin Board so there's a little more interactivity to the site. Post away - it's your forum. Also, as you may have noticed, we've re-designed the main page AGAIN - to include a link to every page without having to nav the sub-menus. Do you like it? Let me know.
January 18/2k
We're on a rampage!
Added something new - Cart pinouts! The only one done so far is a NEO GEO POCKET pinout, but we'll be adding some more soon. If you have any, please email us! You can check out the first diagram here
January 10/2k
We've finally updated! There was a broken link to the TurboDuo AV page, so we fixed that. We've also been working on a 3-IC mod for a turbo express so you can play import carts on it without using a bulky adaptor. Watch for that mod real soon now! Also, we're looking for more info on console controllers (dreamcast, etc). If you have anything, please email us.
September 30/99
Hey, cool!
Those fine overpriced folks at ZiffDavis have seen fit to list this web page in their Dreamcast links section! If you can actually afford their magazine, by all means pick one up and check it out.
September 03/99
A Tragic Story.
A freak hard-drive corruption has wiped out my beloved Atari TT030. 90% of the files are gone! =( If you have any Calamus fonts, please email me.
August 29/99
Some Store Updates...
We finally got sick of Nintendo clogging up our shelves - the NES games were outselling the N64 by a wide margin. Check it out. Also, we've done some silly things before, but this one is cool.
August 03/99
Playstation-PC MCCAP English version now available!
The english version of the MCCAP software is now available. Build your own Dex Drive and download the new software now!Do it now!
August 01/99
Dreamcast VGA Box!!
The complete info on getting VGA output from your Dreamcast! Simply follow this amazing and easy to read picture!
July 26/99
Hacking Printers!
My printer sucked... So I changed it.
July 20/99
PSX - PC Memory Card Reader [ETC]
Whipped up a translated version of a japanese page with E-Z instructions on how to make a memory card interface for your PSX and your PC. See here for more details! Also, we've thrown up a quick gallery showing off a little of our logo-art we've accumulated over the years... Also, we've put up a live WebCam showing off our retail store...
June 28/99
Two New Pages
Added two new pages to ease your search for information. Our new Site Map should help you navigate this site, and if you still can't find what you want, check out our Links Page.
May 26/99
MainPage Relaunch
This is the new colour scheme - designed for maximum readability on all platforms. Let me know your comments!
May 8/99
LaserActive S-video hack
Finally re-documented and posted the Pioneer LaserActive S-Video hack, something which got lost in the shuffle a couple of site upgrades ago. At any rate, if you want to add S-video output to your LaserActive player, have a look.
May 6/99
Help wanted on NEO Cart mod
We're working on a 50/60 Hz mod for the Neo Cart system - have a look and if you can help out, let us know. ALSO! We've updated the Dreamcast AV page as well as the NEO CD 50/60 Hz page!
May 5/99
Nothing like a public roasting...
We don't condone piracy - it's bad for biz. But this email really points out the dangers of mixing idiocy and piracy. I'm scared for my life!
April 25/99
Two new 50/60 Hz mods!
I've added two new 50/60 Hz mods for you folks across that big ol' pond. One for the Sega Nomad and one for the SNK NEO GEO CD
March 15/99
DreamCast A/V De-mystified!
The pinout for the DreamCast has been pretty much completed! Head on over and Check it out! Also a new bit of info on the cooling rods used in the DC over here.
February 26/99
Image Compression and Artifacting
If you know me in person, you'll know I hate lossy compression. JPGs, MPEG video, DVD... They all suck! Here's why!
January 23/99
Use NEO sticks on a PC!
Yeah, I've hacked up another silly mod - now you can use your custom or NEO sticks on a PC through this little keyboard adaptor.
January 13/99
OverClock your N64!
Apparently you can OverClock your Nintendo 64 - Check it out here!
January 11/99
Sega DreamCast A/V Pinout
There's some new news on adding RGB to a DreamCast - it is going to require a new cable hanging out the end of your system for the time being, there is no RGB cable you can purchase yet. Also, there's been a huge update to the NEC TurboGrafx/PCE RGB page so go check that out now!
January 08/99
Sega DreamCast A/V Pinout
We've opened our DreamCast and poked around to try and map out the A/V port. We didn't find everything we wanted, but you can see what we did find here. Also, there was a small update to the DreamCast Innards Page showing what may be the territorial lockout jumpers.
December 16/98
Use NEO/Custom Sticks on PSX/Saturn!
Following the basics presented on this page, you can easily convert any NEO or custom controller on any modern console! Check it out! We've also added some important new info to the NEO GEO Controller page.
December 11/98
See inside the DreamCast!
You knew we had to do it - and we did! We opened the new Sega Dreamcast and had a look inside. There were the usual things, some odd things, and some unusual things in there. Have a look!
December 2/98
PSX Controller info!
Thanks to the hard work of Andrew J McCubbin we've got some info on the workings of a PSX controller. He's done an amazing amount of work on it, and we're hoping to mirror and/or host anything else he does of interest. Kudos, Andrew! Check out his work here.
November 14/98
We're always opening things up and poking around inside them, and we figgered we'd share the learnings with ya. If you've ever wondered what the differences were between your unit and someone elses, or if you want to see what's inside your stuff, check this out.
October 02/98
Add Audio/Video to a Newstyle NES!
It's true - Nintendo skimped out on the newstyle NES. They didn't bother to include A/V outputs in their NES 2 unit. Thanks to the amazing Kevin Horton we've got a fix for you! Head on over and check it out!
September 17/98
A whole whack of stuff!
And you thought we'd been idle, but we haven't! We've added Atari 2600 Controller Info, as well as some Vectrex Controller Info and we've added some new TurboGrafx Controller Info to boot! In addition, there's a new Controller Tech Primer up to give you a crash course in Controllers 101.
August 26/98
The cutest girl?
The cutest girl came in today...
August 24/98
Pirated Asteroids?
Here's something only a few people have seen. It seems to be a pirated Asteroids arcade board, something I didn't know existed.
August 22/98
New SNES Mods!
Well, if you live in Europe you're used to this: Your SNES runs slower than ours! To fix it, look over here! Also, if you want to play PAL games on your NTSC system or vice-versa, Look at this!
August 14/98
Those Nutty Japanese!
Turns out the Japanese use the same plug for RGB as the Europeans do, but they don't use the same pinout! After months of painstaking reasearch, we found the elusive 21-pin RGB J connector pinouts!
July 29/98
You too can own GameBits!
We've finally gotten some addresses of companies who sell the elusive external line-head bits for opening Nintendo, NEC and Sega hardware!
July 28/98
Damned logo pirates!
July 10/98
Updated info & stuff
Added some additional information on the TurboGrafx RGB and SNES A/V pinout pages, thanks to Mark K. for that. He's proving an invaluable source for info! Also added a new one, allowing you to modify a PAL SNES to use American/Japanese controllers.
July 04/98
Complete Site Relaunch!
June 15/98
Game Station X's Arcade Data Page!
Well, if you've ever wanted to know what's inside an arcade machine, here's your chance. A beginner's guide to arcade cabinets and internal workings. I worked hard on it so you'd better check it out!
June 15/98
The Hardware Book is now ONLINE!
April 23/98
More SNES 2 Tech Info!

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