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-===== Micomsoft'​s X-RGB Series ===== 
-Micomsoft'​s X-RGB series of upscan convertors (aka VGA boxes) is the most capable and functional series in the world. ​ If there'​s anything better, I don't know what it is.  Upscan convertors convert signals from TV-friendly 15kHz to 31kHz, allowing low-res video game consoles to be displayed on VGA monitors. 
-The main reason for the Micomsoft'​s usefulness and popularity is their ability to upscan RGB signals, which no other consumer-level convertor does.  By starting with RGB you're getting the best signal quality possible, better than component, better than S-video and much better than composite video. 
-==== The Devices ==== 
-=== X-RGB1 === 
-This was the first in their line of adaptors, and while perfectly functional it lacks some of the finesse of the later units. ​ Adjustments are accomplished through DIP switches, and adjustability is limited. ​ It accepts Composite or S-video, and RGB. 
-=== X-RGB2 === 
-This is the best device for gamers looking for an all-purpose solution. ​ It supports composite video, S-video and RGB.  The biggest improvement over the X-RGB1 is the inclusion of onscreen menus, gamma adjustment, and artificial scan-lines, re-creating the effect of low-res monitors. 
-=== X-RGB2+ === 
-The X-RGB2+ is not as useful as its predecessors,​ but more useful in some respects. ​ It uses a soft-switching passthrough which introduces some blur into the VGA signal when it's not in use, but this was the price paid for a remote control. ​ It offers more output resolutions,​ but doesn'​t support arcade PCBs any longer. ​ It does offer additional inputs, including component video via a Japanese D-terminal connector (and the 21-pin RGB connector doubles as a second component input). ​ It's less of a gamer'​s all-around solution and more of a home-theatre device for those willing to compromise a little. 
-=== X-RGB3 === 
-This yet-unreleased device ([[http://​www.micomsoft.co.jp/​XRGB-3_Preview.pdf|PDF here]]) is more like the 2+ than the 2, offering many more output resolutions,​ additional inputs, but still does not support arcade gaming. 
-==== Reviews ==== 
-  * Micomsoft XRGB-2 
-    * [[http://​atarilabs.com/​meat/​2001/​0120_XRGB2.shtml|NFG Review]] 
-    * [[http://​www.tiptonium.com/​videogames/​reviews/​other/​XRGB2.htm|NFG Review]] 
-  * Micomsoft XRGB-2 Plus 
-    * [[http://​atarilabs.com/​meat/​2002/​0208_xrgb2+.shtml|NFG Review]] 
-    * [[http://​www.tiptonium.com/​videogames/​reviews/​other/​XRGB2-PLUS.htm|Tiptonium Review]] 
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