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Welcome to NFG / GameSX

I've maintained the GameSX archive of technical data for more than 20 years now (!!) and if there's one thing I've learned it's that I can't be counted on to update the site on a regular basis. Hence, the wiki! If you see a problem you want to fix, fix it. If you have new data, post it. Remember that anyone can edit or delete these pages, so there's no score for 'hacking' the site - your grandmother could do it.

NOTE! You must have a forum account and a post count greater than 1 to edit these pages.
When you're registered on the forum, your username and password can be used to login and edit the wiki.

Please read The Rules.

GameSX Data

Hardware/System Information

Other GameSX Network Sites

  • nfgcontrols - RIP
  • AtariLabs - RIP. I let the domain expire, it's all spam now.

Linking to Other Sites

See this page for a convenient quick-link to other sites.


GameSX + NFG Games provide the information herein because we believe it to be accurate. It may not be safe, and in fact is probably very dangerous. You should not perform any of the mods contained on any of these pages. Like, ever. But you can if you want. And nothing's better than the feeling you get when you accomplish your first mod.
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