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List of console pick-up assemblies

All info taken from and was originally posted by Izarate. He deserves all credit for the following information.

Goldstar 3DO

  • Sanyo SF-C93


  • JVC OPTIMA6, JVC OPTIMA6S. JVC OPTIMA150S could be a sustitute.

Microsoft XBOX

  • Phillips VAD 6011/21 drive: Phillips SPU-3141
  • Samsung SDG-605/B, 616T, 616F drives: Samsung SOH-D12 or SOH-D16
  • Thompson drive: Thompson TOP60

Microsoft XBOX 360 PHAT

  • Hitachi GDR-3120L drive: Sanyo SF-HD63 or Sanyo SF-HD67 (replacement)
  • Samsung TS-H943 drive: Sanyo SF-HD67 (replacement).

NEC Turbo Duo

  • HOP-M3

Sega CD model 1

  • KSS-240A

Sega CD model 2

  • Sega CD 2 rev.1 (silver ring spindle) Samsung SOH-04T
  • Sega CD 2 rev. 2 (all black spindle) Sony KSS-210A, Sony KSS-210B

Sega Saturn

  • rev.1 (oval buttons): JVC EMW10447, which is physically the same as the OPTIMA6. JVC OPTIMA150S could be used as a sustitute.
  • rev.2A, 2B (round buttons): JVC OPTIMA6, JVC OPTIMA6S. JVC OPTIMA150S could be a sustitute.
  • Sanyo trapboard rev.: Sanyo SF-P101-15P, Sanyo SF-P101N-15P

Sega Dreamcast

  • Yamaha drive (round CD pickup): NEC SPU-3200, NEC SPU-3201
  • Samsung drive (square CD pickup): Samsung SOH-R48

Sony Playstation 1

  • SCHP-55xx to 900x use KSM-440ADM drive or KSM-440AEM drive (KSM-440BAM drive also fits but needs extension cable).
  • SCHP-100x and 500x can use the KSM-440BAM drive but you need to replace the top cover of the BAM with the one from the original drive mechanism (KSM-440AAM or KSM-440ACM)

Sony Playstation 2

  • SCPH-10000 to SCPH-3000x: Sony KHS-400A
  • SCPH-10000 to SCPH-3500x: Sony KHS-400B
  • SCPH-10000 to SCPH-5000x: Sony KHS-400C
  • SCPH-10000 to SCPH-50010 and SCHP-3000xR: Sony KHS-400R lens, Sanyo SF-HD7 lens(replacement).
  • KHS-400A can replace the KHS-400B only if a thin metal plate is taped to the side of the housing to form a metal corner like the B one, but it can’t replace either KHS-400C or R because of its thick base.
  • KHS-400B can repace KHS-400A without any modification but this model is not suitable to replace the C and R models due to its thicker base.
  • KHS-400C is thin and therefore can replace the A and B model as well as the R model.
  • KHS-400R is also thin and can be used in place of the C model as well as the A and B models. This model has a direct replacement from Sanyo bearing the model SF-HD7.
  • SCPH-7000xCB (PSTwo yellow box): NEC SPU-3170 lens???
  • SCPH-7000x (PSTwo): Mitsumi TDP-082W drive, Mitsumi PVR-802W lens
  • SCPH-7500x (PSTwo): Mitsumi TDP-082W drive???, Mitsumi PVR-802W lens
  • SCPH-7700x, SCPH-7900x (PSTwo): Mitsumi TDP-182W drive, Mitsumi PVR-802W lens
  • Some PSTwo have the Sony KHM-430AAA drive with the Sony KHS-430A lens. The Mitsumi and Sony models are interchangeable, but not the NEC models

Sony PlayStation 3

  • Sony KEM-400AAA drive, KES-400A lens, Sony KEM-410ACA drive(replacement)
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