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The Rules

Some rules of conduct for this wiki, site, and forum. This is my space and I intend to rule it with an iron hand. Follow these rules, and I won't have to get angry. Remember that no one cares if you're pissed off, you can just leave and get on with your life, you don't have to let us know how pissy you can get. ;)

This rule set is pasted from The Forum so might include things that don't quite apply to the wiki. Tough it out.

  • Do your own damned research before asking stupid questions. Google works, use it.
  • Carefully consider your question before asking it. If you're asking about mods you're really not interested in building, or because you want to save money, maybe you shouldn't bother. $15 HK-produced controller adaptors are cheaper and more effective than anything you'll learn to build here, and the XRGB is $200 for a reason. Shut up and buy it, nearly anything you can build yourself is going to cost more than an off-the-shelf solution.
  • Spell-check your info before posting it. Prince-speak like “U” and “UR” and similar are not tolerated and you run the risk of having your content deleted no matter how interesting it is. The only people who will be given lenience for their spelling and grammar are people who don't speak English natively.
  • Remember that asking dumbass poorly written and unclear questions only lowers the quality of the whole board, and asking what google could tell you wastes the time of people who might have answers to your tough questions.
  • And if you keep on wasting time, you're going to find no one left to ask when you advance up the tech ladder and have a question NOT found on google.
  • “yeah”, “Me too”, “thanks” and other worthless posts will be deleted randomly and without warning.
  • Respect other people, dammit. No inflammatory responses, no relatiatory posts, and no name calling. If someone else is wrong, correct them and explain why they're wrong.

You're in my sandbox, and if you want to play here I expect you to follow the rules. There's a million other forums out there if you want to go trolling or cause trouble.

(Rules readded - were deleted for some reason) -J

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