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PC Engine Chip Pinouts

This data was taken from numerous places. Special thanks to the usual PCE crew: Chris Covell, bt garner, Joann, and also to Backup Technik/GameLab magazine, from which I occasionally learned something new.

Conventions used

Throughout these pages you'll find abbreviations and shorthand terms for a lot of connections. Here's a guide:

Short Long Short Long
Dxx Data (number) Axx Address (number)
/WR Write Enable /OE Output Enable
/CE Chip Enable NC Not Connected
I/O Input/Output RAxx RAM pin#
  • Misc ICs are the two RAM chips (numbered 1, 2, and 12 for both)

The NetList

Someone once told me that when you make a list of connections on a circuit it's called a netlist. So here's the netlist for each chip.

Other Notes

With apologies, I've forgotten what a lot of these notes mean. It's been a long time since I made them.

Something to do with the clock circuit?

Clock -> R163 -> C138 -> R117 -> +5v
      |               +> R118 -> GND
      |               +> Hu6280 10
      +> R164 -> C137 -> R115 -> +5v
		      +> R116 -> GND
		      +> Hu6260 2
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