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 {{:av:pvm2030_cmptr.jpg|}} {{:av:pvm2030_cmptr.jpg|}}
-|1|IBM Select|High: IBM mode (RGBI) Low: 3-bit TTL (RGB)| 
-|2|Audio Select|High: Audio input from pin 13 Low: Audio input from LINE A/B/VTR jacks| 
-|3|HSync/CSync|Horizontal or Composite Sync, Negative polarity| 
-|4|Blue Input|Positive polarity| 
-|5|Green Input|Positive polarity (Sync on green optional in analog mode)| 
-|6|Red Input|Positive polarity| 
-|7|NC|Not connected| 
-|8|NC|Not connected| 
-|9|Analog/Digital|High: Analog Low: Digital| 
-|10|RGB/Normal|High: High: RGB input selected Low: LINE A/B/VTR input selected| 
-|11|VSync|Vertical Sync, Negative polarity| 
-|12|Blanking|High: High: Video input from RGB input only Low: LINE A/B/VTR signal is superimposed over signal from RGB input| 
-|13|Audio Input|-5 dB / 100% modulation| 
-|14|NC|Not connected| 
-|25|Intensity|Positive polarity| 
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