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 +(TODO: add 2600 Driving Controller, 2600 Trak-Ball, 7800 controller, and 2600/7800 Light Gun)
 +^3|2P Fire|
 +^4|1P Fire|
 +^5|1P Paddle|
 +^7|+5v (pot common)|
 +^9|2P Paddle|
 +^Omega Race Controller^^
 +^1|Up thru|
 +^2|Down thru|
 +^3|Left thru|
 +^4|Right thru|
 +^5|Front trigger|
 +^6|Fire thru|
 +^7|+5v (triggers)|
 +^9|Top trigger|
 +^Kids Controller/​Touch Pad/​Keyboard((Admission:​ I don't personally like the way this chart (pulled from GameSX) works, but in the interest of completion, I'll go ahead and put it up.  In the future, it'll probably be replaced with something from [[http://​users.erols.com/​tiltonj/​games/​tech/​index.html|Jay Tilton'​s site]].))^^^^
 +|Pin #^5^9^6|
 +^7|+5v pulls pins 5 & 9 through 4.7k resistors|||
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