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 +===== Xbox 360 Controller =====
 +The Xbox 360 pad is pretty great ([[http://​nfgworld.com/​mb/​thread/​379-XBOX-360-Pad|NFGcontrols.com review]]) but it's not always the best solution. ​ It's especially bad when you need an accurate d-pad.
 +=== Overview ===
 +  * 4 direction d-pad
 +  * 2 analogue sticks
 +  * 2 analogue triggers
 +  * 11 buttons
 +  * 4 lights (Player 1 -> Player 4)
 +Available in wired and wireless versions.  ​
 +=== Revisions ===
 +There are at least two 360 pad versions, and possibly more.  The wireless one has a common ground and is very mod-friendly,​ but the wired pad has multiple grounds. ​ This may not be consistent across all revisions however: forum member Waterbury says his wireless pad [[http://​nfggames.com/​forum2/​index.php?​topic=3848.msg27239#​msg27239|has multiple grounds]].
 +== Potentiometers ==
 +There are two kinds of pots inside the 360 pad, two each for the analogue sticks and one each for the triggers.  ​
 +All four analogue stick pots are the same, with a large range (approx 200Ω - 10kΩ) and movement (slightly greater than 90°).
 +The two trigger pots have very minimal movement (perhaps 45°) but the same range (0Ω - 10kΩ).
 +Both have linear resistance, and are 5kΩ at the half-way point.
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