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Motorola E1000 FAQ

Welcome to the Motorola E1000 FAQ. This is now, and will likely always be, a work in progrees.

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    • No 1337speak and no prince-speak (u, ur etc) will be tolerated. Such changes will be deleted or edited.
    • Please don't add comments like “I couldn't get it to work” or “Yeah this rocks”.
    • Don't edit or add sections unless you know for sure. Guesses and theories will be deleted.
  • If you have new questions, please edit the final portion of each page and ask them there. Do NOT insert your question into the main part of the page.
  • Please don't delete things just 'cause you can.

About the Motorola E1000

The Motorola E1000 is a 3G phone which features some very incredible specs. Highlights include a 1.2 megapixel camera, a user-facing VGA camera, a 240×340 colour screen, MIDI and MP3 support and a transflash (mini SD) card slot. It is a sister phone to the similarly-specced A1000.


  • Bluetooth & USB connectivity
  • SMS, MMS and email support
  • integral web browser, internet capable
  • voice and video calls
  • JPG, PNG, GIF (static and animated) image support
  • MIDI, MP3, WAV audio support

The FAQs

Tips and Tricks

Hardware + Accessories

Using the E1000


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