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   * Sega Dreamcast   * Sega Dreamcast
     * [[controller_fuse|Dead controller port fix]]     * [[controller_fuse|Dead controller port fix]]
 +    * [[constantly_reseting|Constantly reseting fix]]
   * Sega Game Gear   * Sega Game Gear
     * [[http://​nfg.2y.net/​forum/​index.php?​showtopic=1710&​st=0&#​entry11446|No Sound Fix]] - GameSX Forum Post     * [[http://​nfg.2y.net/​forum/​index.php?​showtopic=1710&​st=0&#​entry11446|No Sound Fix]] - GameSX Forum Post
   * Sony PlayStation   * Sony PlayStation
     * [[http://​www.telecable.es/​personales/​ccs/​inforepar.htm|Symptoms And Repair Procedures]] - Spanish site, Needs translating.     * [[http://​www.telecable.es/​personales/​ccs/​inforepar.htm|Symptoms And Repair Procedures]] - Spanish site, Needs translating.
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