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Creating and restoring hard disk images to and from physical media

You will need the following things:

Restoring image to physical media

  1. Run WinImage as Administrator. This is very important, otherwise you will not be able to see and use removable storage such as CF card and a card reader.
  2. Unpack the HDD Image V4 archive and rename the file extension from HDS to IMA
  3. Select “Disk” → “Restore Virtual Hard Disk image on physical drive…”
  4. Select a physical device to which you want to restore the image and select the IMA file.

Creating image from physical media

  1. Run WinImage as Administrator.
  2. Select “Disk” → “Create Virtual Hard Disk image from physical drive…”
  3. Select a physical device from which you want to create the image and make sure that “Create Fixed Size Virtual Hard Disk” is selected.
  4. type in a file name and select “Save as type: image file *.ima”
  5. After creating the image, rename its file extension from IMA to HDS
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