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-===== CZ-6VT1: Color Image Unit ===== 
-|The Color Image Unit is a type of genlock and its primary purpose is for overlaying graphics on live/taped video. It can process the signal of television, video, video camera, etc, as the still picture data of maximum 65536 colors. It makes the adjustment of input signal color tone, tint and contrast simple.  | 
-Technical Specifications: 
-|Image terminal:  |Image output ×1 (IV±0.2Vp-p/75Ω), monitor output ×1, image output (NTSC system conformity)  | 
-|Audio terminal:  |Audio input ×1 (above standard 142mVrms/47kΩ), voice response ×2 (below 142mVrms/10kΩ) however, only 1 system when using  | 
-|Image output terminal:  |25 pin connector (D-SUB)  | 
-|RGB input terminal (for [terotsupa]):  |15 pin connector (D-SUB)  | 
-|Computer control output terminal:  |9 pin JOYSTICK connector  | 
-|Power source:  |25 pin connector from the computer  | 
-|Electric power consumption:  |7W  | 
-|Included accessories:  |25 pin cable, video cable, audio cable and the terminal box, FG cable, instruction manual, guarantee voucher, customer service list  | 
-[[http://nfggames.com/x68000/Documentation/X68000%20Manuals/ColorImageUnit-CZ6VT1.pdf|CZ-6VT1 User Manual]] 
-|{{ :x68000:cz-6vt1_1.jpg?200 |}}  |{{ :x68000:cz-6vt1_2.jpg?200 |}}  | 
-|{{ :x68000:cz-6vt1_3.jpg?200 |}}  |{{ :x68000:cz-6vt1_4.jpg?200 |}}  | 
-|{{ :x68000:cz-6vt1_5.jpg?200 |}}  | 
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