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 +===== X680x0 Memory Map =====
 +^Start address^End address^Description^
 +|0x000000|0xBFFFFE|RAM area|
 +|0xC00000|0xDFFFFF|Graphic VRAM|
 +|0xE00000|0xE7FFFF|Text VRAM Planes|
 +|0xE80000||CRTC (VICON)|
 +|0xE82000||Video Controller (CATHY / VIPS)|
 +|0xE84000||DMAC (HD63450)|
 +|0xE86000||Memory controller privileged access settings (OHM/ASA)|
 +|0xE88000||MFP (MC68901)|
 +|0xE8A000||RTC (RP5C15)|
 +|0xE8C000||Printer port|
 +|0xE8E000||System controller (MESSIAH/DOSA)|
 +|0xE90000||FM Synthesizer (YM2151)|
 +|0xE92000||ADPCM (MSM6258V)|
 +|0xE94000||Floppy disk controller (FDC) (uPD72065)|
 +|0xE94005||Floppy drive monitor (IOSC)|
 +|0xE98000||ESCC (Z8530)|
 +|0xE9A000||PPI (82C55)|
 +|0xE9C000||I/O selector (IOSC)|
 +|0xE9E000|0xEAFFFF|I/O expansion area (Sharp reserved)|
 +|0xEB0000||Sprite register (CYNTHIA)|
 +|0xEB8000|0xEBFFFF|Sprite VRAM|
 +|0xEC0000|0xECFFFF|I/O expansion area (User)|
 +|0xED0000|0xED3FFF|Battery backed-up SRAM|
 +|0xFC0000|0xFDFFFF|Internal SCSI Rom|
 +|0x1000000|0xFFFFFFFF|High Memory, only available for 68030+|
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