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Here is the result of many days spent as a gratitude to my X68000 for being a so much fun system to use. Domo arigato Mr.Roboto. Without any further ado I proudly present to you my compilation of Games and MDX (music files) as a hard disk image. It can be used with emulators and even restored to physical disk and then used on a real X68000.

First of all download the XM6 emulator and system roms:

The hard disk image:

The MasterDisk:

DiskExplorer v1.69:

-Start by extracting the files x68000.dim.001, masterdisk.xdf and sram.dat to your XM6 directory. -Rename x68000.dim.001 to SxSI.HDS -Launch XM6 and go to Tools → Options → SxSI. Select “Drives” value 5. Click on ID3 and select SxSI.HDS -Reboot the emulator

If everything went well, you should by now have booted from the hard disk image. If not, boot from masterdisk.xdf and type the following commands:

cd sxsi bootset.x ED0100 1

Reboot the emulator.

P.S. The image can be opened in DiskExplorer. Just launch DiskExplorer, select SxSI.HDS and choose Human68K HDD SCSI

   Files can be easily extracted and added.

Here are a few notes about my compilation:

This compilation is heavily optimised for X68000 with 2MB of ram. It features FiloP SCSI write corrector and LHES, DI file commanders. Upon launching it will boot directly into LHES. From it you can launch any game which resides in Games directory. All games in Games and Games2 directories can be launched with !Start.bat

Here's the list:


AfterBurner2 Arkanoid AtomicRoboKid Babel Baraduke Bosconian BubbleBobble Chelnov ChukaTaisen Cuarto DashYarou DetanaTwinBee DigDug DodgeBall DragonSpirit FantasyZone Frog Frogger FullThrottle Galaga88 Galaxia2 Galaxian Galseed2 GardisLight GeminiWing GenpeiToumaden Gradius Gradius2 KU2 KnightArms Leshies MadStalker MarbleMadness NewZealandStory PacLand PacMan PowerLeague Quarth R_Type RallyX RiverCityRansom Sazae Scorpius Silsteel Sion2 StarCruiser StarForce StarTrader StarWars TechnosFootball TerraCresta Tetris ThunderBlade TigerHeli TwinBee VBall WorldCourt Xadlak Xevious

In order to launch games from Games2 you will need to exit LHES by pressing the ESC key and Enter. After that DI will be automatically launched. From it you will be able to launch almost all of games that reside in Games2 directory. Some games must be launched from pure DOS (StreetFighter2 and MarchenMaze to name a few). Just go with DI to the desired directory and then press ESC. You will still be in the selected games directory. Type !start and hit enter.


AngelDive BlueWings2 ChaChaCha ChaseHQ Cynthia Dracula DriveOn FinalFight Garou GeographSeal MahouDaisakusen MarchenMaze MetalOrangeEx Nemesis90 OtakuDama Rygar Salamander Sion4 SpaceHarrier SpannerX StarLuster StreetFighter2 SuperHangOn

Music directory conains MMDSP player and tons of MDX files. Start the player with !Start.bat as usual. The complete MDX archive can be downloaded as standalone here:

And played with KbMedia Player:

Have fun and keep the scene alive !


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