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Joysticks in Control Panels

This page lists the mounts for joysticks in Japanese arcade cabinets. Each manufacturer and each generation of cabinet could mix things up, depending on the trends of the day.

Sega's Aero and Astro City cabs used the same mount, which was very similar to the one used in SNK's Candy cabs. From the Blast City onward, Sega used a mount that was compatible with other many other cabs until Taito's Vewlix changed it again.

SNK Super Neo 29 Candy

It's likely that this panel's configuration is the same across many of the SNK cabs. It is not yet confirmed, so for now it's accurate for this cab only.


  • This panel mount fits the Sanwa JLF-P-1S plate.
  • It is the same size as the standard Sega mount (Sega Virtua Stick Pro and some Aero/Astro City panels).
    • The depth is different however: The Sega plate is 14mm, the SNK plate is 10mm.

Sega Aero/Astro City v1 Panel Mount

The first two candy-style cabs, Aero City and (New) Astro City from Sega used a 96mm mount, the same as the SNK panel above, but 14mm deep instead of 10mm. Sega's Saturn controller, the Virtua Stick Pro used the same panel and mounts.

Sega Astro City v1 Panel Mount

Because of the variable space between each side of the panel mount, 75mm should be considered a maximum adaptor size.

Seimitsu no longer makes an adaptor for this mount. Sanwa still sells their JLF-P-1S adaptor plate for JLF sticks.

Sega *City VF v2 Panel

While the Aero and Astro City panels use a large 95mm spacing for their mounts, the v2 panels found in later cabs use a much smaller 65mm spacing. Because of the much smaller span there's no longer space to use the 14mm-deep adaptor plate that brings the stick mechanism closer to the panel.

Sega VF Panel Mount

Sanwa JLF sticks will mount directly, using the two opposed screw mounts. Seimitsu sticks will require either the VF Base, SE Base P=40, or their All-In-One plate.

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