Dreamcast AV Connector

The Dreamcast connector is a wild, multi-functioned beast. It offers several outputs in the default configuration (Composite and S-Video), and can output two kinds of 15kHz RGB (SCART), as well as 31kHz RGB (VGA) when the proper mode is selected.


1 Ground 9 Horizontal Sync (for VGA)
2 Right Audio 10 Composite Sync
3 Left Audio 11 S-Video Chrominance (C)
4 +12v 12 S-Video Luminance (Y)
5 +5v 13 Composite Video
6 Mode Select 1 14 Blue Out
7 Mode Select 2 15 Green Out
8 Vertical Sync (for VGA) 16 Red Out

Usage Notes

The mode select pins are 6 and 7. Ground either one for two kinds of 15kHz RGB (SCART), ground both for 31kHz RGB (VGA). Note that the Dreamcast outputs VGA, the box or cable does not 'upscan', so Dreamcast VGA boxes cannot be used for converting low-res RGB to VGA on other consoles.

You should use a 220uF capacitor on each of the RGB lines (+ towards console).

15kHz/31kHz RGB Note:

Most Dreamcast games are compatible with both 15kHz and 31kHz RGB modes (SCART and VGA) However a small percentage are not compatible and will show either a warning message on the Dreamcast's menu, or a blank screen.

If a certain game will not boot in either RGB mode it can sometimes be 'forced' into RGB by fitting a break-before-make switch between ground and one, or both, mode select pins. Once this is done power up the Dreamcast with the switch in the 'standard mode' (Neither pin grounded) and flick the switch after the game disk has already started to be read (When loading original GD-ROM's you will hear a 'beep' sound from the drive at this point) this can often trick incompatible games into the desired mode.

Mode Selection Signals Chart

When the mode select pins are used certain signal outputs are enabled or disabled:-

PinDescriptionStandard 'TV' Mode15kHz RGB (SCART)31kHz RGB (VGA)
1 Ground Ground Ground Ground
2 Right Audio Right Audio Right Audio Right Audio
3 Left Audio Left Audio Left Audio Left Audio
4 +12v +12v +12v +12v
5 +5v +5v +5v +5v
6 Mode Select 1 Unused Unused Grounded
7 Mode Select 2 Unused Grounded Grounded
8 Vertical Sync Disabled V-Sync V-Sync
9 Horizontal Sync Disabled H-Sync H-Sync
10 Composite Sync ? C-Sync Disabled
11 S-Video Chroma (C) S-Video Chroma ? Disabled
12 S-Video Luma (Y) S-Video Luma ? Disabled
13 Composite Video Composite Video ? Disabled
14 Blue Disabled Blue Blue
15 Green Disabled Green Green
16 Red Disabled Red Red


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