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Japanese 21-pin RGB connector

The Japanese RGB-21 connector, also known as EIAJ TTC-003 apparently, is identical in appearance to the European SCART (or Péritel or Euroconnector). The pinout is completely different however. There's an RGB← →SCART adaptor pinout here.

Simple version

Pin Description Pin Description
1 Left audio 2 NC
3 Audio shield 4 NC
5 Right audio 6 NC
7 Sync shield 8 NC
9 Sync 10 NC
11 +5v 12 NC
13 Red shield 14 NC
15 Red 16 1V*
17 Green shield 18 Blue shield
19 Green 20 Blue
21 Ground
  • *connect to pin 11 via 3.3k Ohm resistor. The resistor isn't usually necessary, and +5v on this pin will most often work.

Full Version

This version includes every pin, including a few you'll never really need to know. All labels are display-relative, so input means into the display.

Most of these pins can be safely ignored for most purposes.

1 Audio left channel input 2 Audio left channel output
3 Audio ground 4 Audio ground
5 Audio right channel input 6 Audio right channel output
7 Video ground 8 Video ground
9 CVBS input 10 CVBS output
11 AV control input 12 Ym input
13 Red signal ground 14 Ground
15 Red signal I/O 16 Ys input
17 Green signal ground 18 Blue signal ground
19 Green signal I/O 20 Blue signal I/O
21 Plug shield

Special Notes:

  • Audio Input: 0.40 mVrms, > 47K ohms
  • Audio Output: 0.40 mVrms, > 10K ohms
  • CVBS (Composite Video) in and out: 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms, sync: negative
  • Ym Input: Switches RGB to half-brightness, for video overlay (L: < 0.4V, H: > 1V, 75 ohms)
  • Ys Input: RGB in/out: (Ground for output, 1V+ for Input (preferred)1))
  • All RGB lines: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 ohms

The detailed version was found on this Korean page

A lot of displays won't show RGB at all without Vcc on this line
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