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N64 RGB Amplifier (IC Based)

High quality RGB output from early NTSC (US/JP) Nintendo 64 systems is possible by building a simple video amplifier/driver based off of the NJM2267. As a rule of thumb, only Nintendo 64 systems with serial numbers starting with NS1xxxxxxxx (US) or NUJ133xxxxx (JP) have the 'VDC-NUS' or 'VDC-NUS A' ICs that exposes RGB output for use in this mod. Newer models use different ICs that cannot be tapped for RGB modification. Visit this thread for a serial number/RGB compat cross reference list.

Credit for this mod must be given to “Baku” :D and is based off of his site here.

N64 RGB Connections

RGB can be easily tapped from the underside of the N64 PCB, as indicated (C124, C125, C126)


RGB Amplifier Schematic

RGB Amplifier (Installed in N64)


Connection From Amplifier to AV Output connector



This modification has been tested out on several XRGB-3 units and a Sony PVM-2030 with perfect results! Stock SHVC-010 cables can be used with the resulting system. Note that the 220uF electrolytic capacitors used for NTSC SNES RGB cables are not necessary for connecting the RGB output from the N64.



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