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Sega Saturn AV Pinout

Saturn AV Pinout

Pinout Chart

1 CSYNC/9V Composite Sync for NTSC / +9VDC for PAL
2 L Left Audio
3 R Right Audio
4 5V +5 Volts DC
5 R RGB Red
6 G RGB Green
7 B RGB Blue
8 CVBS Composite Video
9 Y S-Video Y (Luma)
10 C S-Video C (Chroma)
11 GND Ground


  • CSYNC/Composite Sync is replaced by +9VDC on PAL Sega Saturn systems
  • Sega style 10 pin mini din connectors for DIY cables can be purchased from Tim Worthington here
  • Luma (pin 9) can be used as sync when connecting RGB to devices such as the XRGB-mini and Sony PVM monitors.
  • Details for modifying a NTSC system to output 9VDC as found on PAL systems can be found in this forum thread. Thanks KillingBeans.
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