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Xbox 360 AV Connector

Much like most post-Dreamcast consoles, the 360 has variable outputs depending on the status of the SELECT pins. Some pins are always the same (digital audio) but others may be changed, enabled or disabled depending on the cable's SELECT status. The select pins are usually called ID1 - ID3, and those names are maintained here.

1 GND (Red)- 2 GND (Green)
3 Red / Component Pr / Svideo Y- 4 Green / Component Y / Svideo C
5 GND (Composite)- 6 GND (Blue)
7 Composite- 8 Blue / Component Pb
9 GND (H Sync)- 10 GND (V Sync)
11 H Sync- 12 V Sync
13 GND (Audio R)- 14 GND (Audio L)
15 Audio R- 16 Audio L
17 SCART Switching- 18 ID1
19 SCART Blanking- 20 GND (ID1)
21 DDC CLOCK- 22 ID2
23 DDC DATA- 24 GND (ID2)
25 Audio (SP-DIF)- 26 ID3
27 GND (SP-DIF)- 28 GND (ID3)
29 +5V (SP-DIF)- 30 Reserved

Mode Select Pins

  • NC = Not Connected, GND = connected to ground
NC NC NC No Cable connected
NC GND NC Composite AV
GND GND NC Optical/RCA Audio adapter
NC NC GND Component AV HDTV mode
GND NC GND S-Video mode
GND GND GND Component AV SDTV mode
  • Pin 30 has a similar circuit to the other three ID pins so it might me a 4th ID pin.
  • It is assumed, but not proven, that H & V Sync are inactive except for VGA mode. Composite video is used in SCART / RGB mode (does it need a sync stripper then?)

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