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Commodore 1084

The Commodore 1084 is a popular gaming monitor. Originally developed for use with Amiga computers, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.


  • RGB input (6-pin DIN or 9-pin D-Sub with either composite or component sync)
  • Composite or S-Video input (S-Video is split between two RCA jacks)
  • Stereo audio amp with headphone jack
  • EGA/CGA digital input (8-pin DIN or 9-pin D-Sub)

Certain versions of the monitor may have a SCART connector.

There are many different variants of this monitor out there:

  • 1084S
  • 1084ST
  • 1084S-P
  • 1084-P
  • 1084S-P2
  • 1084-D
  • 1084S-D
  • 2080 (high-persistence phosphor model)

This monitor is also known as the Philps CM8833.

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