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Sammy's SNK v Capcom Stick


This is a very nice stick, based on the same mold as ASCII's series of Dreamcast and PS sticks (Sammy bought ASCII's controller division). The shape of the stick, base and top plate are identical to ASCII's offering, and you can see inside there are still holes for the extra buttons seen on ASCII's Pro stick.

What's inside?

The guts of this stick are instantly familiar to anyone who's opened most any Japanese stick made in the last decade. A PCB with buttons mounted to it, an arcade stick mechanism and a small PCB with the console-specific controller logic.

This is a Playstation stick.

The mechanism is a Sanwa unit, not sure the exact type but my guess is a JLF-TM-8S. Note the lack of a PCB on the mech.

Other Details

Many of ASCII's sticks used the same base with an optical mechanism, they may be swappable. Sanwa no longer makes the optical mechs.


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