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 +=====Sammy'​s SNK v Capcom Stick=====
 +This is a very nice stick, based on the same mold as ASCII'​s series of Dreamcast and PS sticks (Sammy bought ASCII'​s controller division). ​ The shape of the stick, base and top plate are identical to ASCII'​s offering, and you can see inside there are still holes for the extra buttons seen on ASCII'​s Pro stick.
 +====What'​s inside?====
 +The guts of this stick are instantly familiar to anyone who's opened most any Japanese stick made in the last decade. ​ A PCB with buttons mounted to it, an arcade stick mechanism and a small PCB with the console-specific controller logic.  ​
 +This is a Playstation stick.
 +The mechanism is a Sanwa unit, not sure the exact type but my guess is a [[http://​www.sanwa-d.co.jp/​p_joy-stick3.htm#​tm8yt|JLF-TM-8S]]. ​ Note the lack of a PCB on the mech.  ​
 +====Other Details====
 +Many of ASCII'​s sticks used the same base with an optical mechanism, they may be swappable. ​ Sanwa no longer makes the [[http://​www.sanwa-d.co.jp/​p_joy-stick2.htm#​hs8s|optical mechs]].
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