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Motorola E1000 Accessories

What's included

Note that these accessories may not be included by all cellular providers.

  • Phone
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • stereo earphones with hanging microphone
  • 110V/220V AC adaptor/charger
  • US/JP-style → Australian-style plug adaptor
  • PC software CD
  • Instruction manual (not a very good one…)
  • Warranty information card
  • Registration card
  • Getting Started quick reference guide
  • Box

What's optional

  • TransFlash (mini SD) memory card (up to 256MB known to be supported)
  • Car charger
  • Faux leather case/sleeve
  • Stereo headphones for MP3 playback
  • Desktop charging unit (slot-in type)
  • USB Bluetooth dongle and software

What's compatible

  • Most (all?) Bluetooth headsets, hands-free devices etc
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