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E1000 Image Format Compatibility

The E1000 recognizes the following image formats: JPG, WBMP, BMP (maybe), GIF, PNG, SVGT

  • JPG
    • Great for photos
    • Not great for computer generated images
    • Maximum size: 1280 x 960
  • GIF
    • Great for computer generated images
    • Can only use 256 or fewer colours
    • Can be animated (GIF 89a) or static (GIF 87a)
    • Maximum size: 320×240
  • PNG
    • Great for computer generated images
    • Can use up to 16.7 million colours
    • file sizes will often be larger than GIF or JPG because of the extra colours.
    • Maximum size: 640×480
    • Similar to BMP, optimized for WAP
    • Supports only two colours (Black and White)
    • Uncompressed
    • Maximum size: 320×240
  • BMP
    • The motorola docs do not list BMP as a supported type
    • The motorola docs do list supported types of BMP files
    • (So is it supported? Who knows?)
    • Maximum size: 640×480
  • SVGT
    • Scalable Vector Graphic Tiny - uses lines instead of pixels
    • Can be scaled to any size without loss of detail
    • Maximum size: 320×240
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