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E1000 Video Format Compatibility

The E1000 recognizes the following video formats: MPEG-4, 3GP, RV8/9 (Real Video)

Video Types Summary

  • MPEG-4
    • MPEG is a world standard for video.
    • MPEG 4 is not as common as MPG1 (videoCD) or MPG2 (DVD)
    • Max 25 fps playback
    • Max 15 fps recording
    • Max 256kb/s
    • Max resolution: 320×240
    • H.263 Baseline (what does this mean?)
  • 3GP
    • 3GP is a container format (like Quicktime and AVI)
  • RV8/9
    • Real Video format
    • Max 15 fps @ 128kb/s
    • Max resolution: 176×144

Video Types Detailed

For much, much more detail please see the official Motorola multimedia documentation.

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