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PC Engine Power Supply List

The PC Engine family went through a lot of power supply revisions. Different internal and external tip sizes, voltages and polarity. Here's a list of the different models and settings.

PC Engine Model Voltage Amps Polarity Part No.
PC Engine 9V 650mA - PAD-105 + PAD-106
CoreGrafx I+II 9V 800mA - PAD-105 + PAD-106
PC Engine Shuttle 9V 800mA - PAD-105 + PAD-106
SuperGrafx 9V 800mA - PAD-113
PC Engine GT 7V 700mA PAD-121
CD-ROM2 9V 1450mA PAD-123
PC Engine Duo 10V 1A + PAD-124
Super CD-ROM2 12V 1A + PAD-125
Duo Monitor 10.5V 750mA PAD-126
PC Engine LT 9V 700mA + PAD-127
DUO-R + RX 9V 1A + PAD-129 + PAD 130
Print Booster 12V 1A PAD-111

* Polarity refers to the center tip

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