PC Engine 6-Button Compatible Software

The following games are known to take advantage of six-button PC Engine pads and joysticks:

Publisher Title
NEC-HE Linda3
NEC-HE Emerald Dragon
NEC-HE Princess Maker 2
NEC Avenue 同級生
Intec 格闘覇王伝説アルガノス
Konami Martial Champion
テイジエル販売 Advanced V.G.
Naxat Super Real Mahjong P-II/III Custom
Naxat Super Real Mahjong P-V Custom
Naxat Mahjong Sword - Princess Quest Gaiden
Hudson Fatal Fury 2
Hudson Fatal Fury SPECIAL
Hudson Kabuki Clash
Hudson Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 2
Hudson Art of Fighting
Hudson World Heroes
Human Fire Pro 女子憧夢超女対戦 全女vsJWP
Right Stuff Flash Hiders

* Note that all PC Engine games are compatible with 6-button controls in 2-button mode.

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