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New Playchoice 10 BIOS v0.1 (190402) by Oliver Achten


This new BIOS for the Nintendo Playchoice 10 allows the user to play NES games on the PC10 hardware by enabling the possibility to activate each of the 10 game channels, ignoring the hardware protection needed to run games on the original bios.


– Warning, modifications are done at your own risk ! –

The bios file, called “bios.bin”, which is included in this zip file should be burned into a 2764 or compatible EPROM (i would prefer a 28C64 EEPROM, since they can be electronically erased for further upgrades). At location 8t on your mainboard, youïll find the bios chip. Remove it, and place the fresh burned chip into the socket (same direction as the old chip).

Set pin 1 of Dip switch 1 according to your machine version (on - single monitor, off - dual monitor)

Turn the power on, and if everything went right, the menu screen will appear instantly. The game cartridge in channel 1 will be activated automatically.

Dip switches

Switch 1:

Pin 1 - Set hardware (off - dual monitor on - single monitor)

      Set this switch according to your PC10 version

Pin 2 - TV zapping mode (off/on)

      Allows changing games on the fly

All game and unit controls work as usual.


- playing NES games on the PC10 with an adaptor, while keeping compatibility with PC 10 cartridges

- Nice TV Zap mode for changing games on the fly

Last words

This software is FOR FREE, which means you are not allowed to charge any money for it. The archive may only be distributed as long as its contents REMAIN UNMODIFIED.

I also guarantee that this program was entirely written by myself, it is not a hack of already existing sofware.

For bug reports (hey, itïs my first Z80 code :o), suggestions or anything (hopefully nice) else, drop me an e-mail:

Have a lot of fun!

    Oliver Achten

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