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Amiga CD32 RGB

The following information is taken from the CD32 FAQ

Q: Is there an RGB output on the CD32 to connect my multisync monitor?

A: There are easily accessable RGB signal test points on the CD32's circuit board. The diagram is at the end of the FAQ. The SX-1 and CD32x both have RGB connectors on them.

A: Peter Kittel wrote: If you have the French version of the CD32, you have RGB at the S-Video jack. In this case, this jack is no more of standard “Hosiden” type, but is a Mini-DIN with 8 pins. The four extra pins carry R,G,B, and CSync. wrote: Cables (maybe with extra logic) are being sold in France, which allow you to connect your CD32 to a 1084, presumably using that SCART-RGB output.

CD32 RGB signals...

The RGB signals are available from a test port, TP9…

| |  | <--- Kickstart ROM		.-.	Desc	Equiv pin #s
| |  |					|o|
| |  |					|o|
| `--' .----. <--- Akiko		|o|
|      |    |				|o|	HSync	159
|      |    |	  : <--- TP9		|o|	VSync	160
|      `----'     :			|o|	Red	163 and 164
|       ..        :O.--.		|o|	Green	165 and 166
`-------'`----------'  |		|o|	Blue	167 and 168
^		    ^  `-------		|o|	CSync	157
|		    |			|o|	Ground	161 and 162
Expansion port	    Pin 182		`-'

The RGB signals come from the D/A conversion unit and lead directly to the expansion port. These signals are, however, not amplified. In addition they are weakened by the S-Video output unit.

As a result I (aim to) insert a 47 Ohm resistor to each colour signal connection. You may also reduce the load by interrupting the signal supply to the S-Video unit. Set pin 174 of the expansion port to GND to achieve that (174 –> u36 (4066) signal switches).

The sync signals connected to the expansion port are unbuffered. As a result you may re-synchronize your Amiga by an external tact source. You schould at least buffer the CSync line; there is no external synchronisation possible on this pin.

Hint: make use of an XOR gate chip. You may negate certain sync line(s) to adapt your Amiga to (old? :-( ) multiscan-monitors (the A4000 monitor adapter box will do the same; without the possibility of selected negation).

Written by Klaus Hegemann, posted as part of 'CD32 expansion port info' by Anders Stenkvist in comp.sys.amiga.hardware, forwarded by Michael King.

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