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040EXCEL - CPU accelerator board / memory board

The 040EXCEL is a 68040 CPU accelerator board for the XVI/Super series and was manufactured by Makio Suzu. All signs point to it being a doujin effort and not a wide release. It has a 68040 33 mhz as stock, but with some bios/PLD/regulator changes, it can be upgraded to a 68060 CPU. The board also has a slot for SDRAM and up to 256MB can be inserted into the slot. The first 12MB will fill the 68000's regular memory, while the remainder will go to the high memory address.

Installation CPLD Code for both 040/060, Drivers/SramPatch and Bios for 060.

Driver Installation

  • The Excel uses a modified Jupiter driver
  • First you have to patch the SRAM with the included SRAMPATCH.x in 68000 mode
  • Flip the switch to turn on 68040 mode
  • Install the Jdash.sys file in your start up config.sys
  • If everything works correctly, go into your bin folder on your startup disk and turn on all cache by typing “cache on s”

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