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040EXCEL Necessary Modifications

If you're lucky enough to find yourself in possession of an 040EXCEL accelerator board, there are some things you'll need. First, grab the 040EXCEL drivers from the GameSX X68000 archive (Thank you Plastic-san!). Then bust out your soldering iron 'cause it's gonna get fun in here.

The photos are terrible because 1998, so if you're doing any of these mods, please snap some new ones.

This is how to reconfigure the computer's DMA and bus master. When reconfiguring, make sure to turn off the power in the back. Depending the circumstances of your computer the bus master won't always be stable. Because of this there are times when the bus master will not pass checks. When that happens, please use the enclosed software.



On top of the EXCEL, there is a cable to reconfigure the jumper location, and in the normal version it's labeled in the following way from the right: LED, XIE (to the AS245 in the XVI's case), Reserved, VCC2 and the DTACK.


In the limited edition, from the right: DTACK, XIE, blinking LED, and VCC2. In the case of a SUPER, you will not be able to operate the DMA normally with a limited edition version, so please don't modify it. If you modify the VCC2, it will work, but the data retention will be not as good.

 限定版では、右から、DTACK,XIE,一個飛んでLED,Vcc2です。 限定版SUPER以前版はDMA改造しても安定動作しませんので、改造しないで下さい。Vcc2改造はすれば効果はありますが、データー保持能力は一般配布版に劣ります。信用しないで使ってください。

First the XVI


Put the 4 ICs: IC4, 5, 11, 12 (all are AS245) in the red frames into sockets.


Use the two reconfiguring cables and pull the signal from the slot.


DTACK:A36 Vcc2:A42 GND:A41

Attach the color wire to the signal and the grey wire to GND.


Next there are 2 AS245s, connect the 19th pins to the reconfiguring cable, and 10th pin to ground. And then make 2 jumper sockets. And configure the jumpers as 2-18, 3-17…..9-11… etc.

 次にAS245を二つの、19ピンに改造用ケーブルの線をつなぐ。もち、10ピンはGND。 それから、ジャンパーソケットを2つ作る。2-18、3-17・・・9-11というかんじでジャンパ。

Put IC 4, 5 in the jumper socket, then the AS245s into IC11, 12 …and that should do it for the AS245s. Finally take the reconfiguring cable and connect it to the EXCEL, then you are done.


Next is the Super.


Put all the ones marked in the picture into a socket. IC59, 72, 73, 74, 85, 86, (6 of em). IC72, 74 are F245s and all the rest are F(ALS)244's. Put them all in the jumper sockets. Do the same with what you did with the XVI regarding the slot.

 図の部分をソケット化。IC59、72、73、74、85、86の6箇所。(IC72,74はF245、それ以外はF(ALS)244) そこのすべてにジャンパソケットを挿す。スロットはXVIと同じ。

Presented by Makio Suzu 1998.7.31

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