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Editing and adding files to hard disk images

There will be times when you want to add something new to your X68000's hard drive.

Three easy and convenient methods are detailed below:

  • DiskExplorer is by far the easiest and quickest but is not recommended because it sometimes leads to data corruption. Use at your own risk.
  • WINDRV.SYS is the preferred method for file transfers which are larger than 10mb
  • MuTerm for small incremental updates

Once you are done, use the following tutorial to restore the image to physical media:


  • Download the latest version of DiskExplorer
  • Launch it and select the desired hard disk image and its profile:
    • *.HDF for SASI (Human68k HDD)
    • *.HDS for SCSI (Human68k HDD SCSI)
  • Drag and drop files to the opened image


  • Download HDD image V4 and boot from it in XM6 TypeG.
  • Highlight CONFIG.SYS file and press “E” key.
  • Delete “REM ” from the last line and press “ESC” and then “X” key.
  • Mount MasterDisk_V2.xdf and copy WINDRV.SYS from B:\SYS to A:\SYS. Please refer to LHES tutorial for instructions on how to copy files.
  • Select Tools→Options→Windrv in XM6 TypeG. Tick the “Enable WindrvXM and WINDRV” checkbox, select the number of drives “1”, click on the “1” in the lower window and select the directory which you want to be able to access from the emulator as a separate drive.
  • Reboot and press “3” key on the numpad. If all went well, you should see the contents of the selected directory.


It is a terminal program which can achieve a transfer speed of almost 5 kb/s and works by connecting the X68000 and PC through RS232 ports via null modem cable. It is very slow but the great advantage is that you don't have to disassemble the X68000 every time you wish to perform a small update to the hard disk contents. Please note that you will need to construct the null modem cable and there are some newer PC's which don't have a RS232 port. In such cases you will need a USB to RS232 converter which can be cheaply purchased on eBay.

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