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How to open X68000

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EXPERT is used in the following tutorial but this guide should work for ACE, EXPERT, SUPER, XVI and X68030.

Unscrew the six circled screws.
The left and right sidepanel is fixed to the main case with nine plastic hooks.
Press the sidepanel inward while pulling it back, as seen in the picture. Remove left and right sidepanel.
The left tower contains power supply, floppy disk drives, hard disk bracket and a hard drive (HD models). Disconnect the power supply cables and unscrew the circled screws.
The right tower contains I/O slots, RGB unit and the main motherboard. Disconnect the circled power connector which comes from the left tower.
The removed power supply.
Disconnect all connectors from the floppy drives.
The removed floppy disk drives.
Unscrew the circled screws of the right tower and remove the I/O slot riser. You can unscrew the three screws which are circled in black to make the procedure easier.
Unscrew the circled screws and remove the RGB unit.
Unscrew the circled screws and carefully slide out the motherboard just like illustrated with the blue arrow.
Unscrew the circled screws and remove the metal shielding.
The removed motherboard.
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