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-====== How to open X68000 ====== 
-All info taken from http://​www.geocities.co.jp/​SiliconValley-SanJose/​6808/​kaitai/​tawer.html 
-EXPERT is used in the following tutorial but this guide should work for ACE, EXPERT, SUPER, XVI and X68030. 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ Unscrew the six circled screws. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_02.jpg?​200|}}| ​ The left and right sidepanel is fixed to the main case with nine plastic hooks. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_03.jpg?​200|}}| ​ Press the sidepanel inward while pulling it back, as seen in the picture. Remove left and right sidepanel. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_05.jpg?​200|}}| ​ The left tower contains power supply, floppy disk drives, hard disk bracket and a hard drive (HD models). Disconnect the power supply cables and unscrew the circled screws. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_04.jpg?​200|}}| ​ The right tower contains I/O slots, RGB unit and the main motherboard. Disconnect the circled power connector which comes from the left tower. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_06.jpg?​200|}}| ​ The removed power supply. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_07.jpg?​200|}}| ​ Disconnect all connectors from the floppy drives. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_08.jpg?​200|}}| ​ The removed floppy disk drives. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_09.jpg?​200|}}| ​ Unscrew the circled screws of right tower and remove the I/O slot riser. You can unscrew the three screws which are circled in black to make the procedure easier. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_10.jpg?​200|}}| ​ Unscrew the circled screws and remove the RGB unit.  | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_11.jpg?​200|}}| ​ Unscrew the circled screws and carefully slide out the motherboard just like illustrated with the blue arrow. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_12.jpg?​200|}}| ​ Unscrew the circled screws and remove the metal shielding. ​ |  ​ 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_x68000_13.jpg?​200|}}| ​ The removed motherboard. ​ | 
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