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-====== How to open X68000 Compact ====== 
-All info taken from http://​x68k-retro.cocolog-nifty.com/​blog/​2008/​04/​x68000_compact__11fb.html 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_01.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Unscrew the screw at the bottom. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_02.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Slide and remove the bottom part.  | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_03.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Remove the expansion board cover. Open the left panel, when viewed from the front. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_04.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Remove the panel on the right side. Remove the shield on the left. Remove the back panel. It removes from bottom to top.  |  
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_05.jpg?​300|}}| ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_06.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Remove the panel at the top. Twist it as shown in the photo and pull it back.  | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_07.jpg?​300|}}| ​ This is the front panel. Unhook the plastic tabs at the bottom and in two places at the top. Use photos for reference. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_08.jpg?​300|}}| | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_09.jpg?​300|}}| | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_10.jpg?​300|}}| ​ It is easy to unhook plastic tabs from the front. Unhook the plastic tabs by lifting them with a flathead screwdriver and lift the bezel. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_12.jpg?​300|}}| ​ The rest is easy. Unhook the white plastic ring and vinyl tape that holds the power cable. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_13.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Unplug the flat cables from 3.5" FDD drives. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_14.jpg?​300|}}| ​  ​Unhook the four plastic tabs and remove the FDD drives. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_15.jpg?​300|}}| | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_16.jpg?​300|}}| | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_17.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Carefully remove the I/O slot riser by lifting it vertically. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_18.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Unhook the two plastic tabs and remove turn the PSU diagonally. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_19.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Disconnect the power connector that is connected to the motherboard and cable which goes to the speaker. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_20.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Unhook the two white plastic tabs which are left and right, unplug the flat cable and carefully remove the rear connector board diagonally. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_21.jpg?​300|}}| ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_22.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Carefully and slowly remove the base. It should be possible to remove it without bending the shielding and without using force. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_23.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Unplug the speaker cable. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_24.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Unplug the circled connector. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_25.jpg?​300|}}| | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_26.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Remove the lower connector board (mouse keyboard joystick). Unhook the white plastic tabs and unplug the flat cable. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_27.jpg?​300|}}| ​ Unhook the white plastic tabs and remove the motherboard. ​ | 
-|{{:​x68000:​open_compact_28.jpg?​300|}}| | 
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