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How to open X68000 Compact

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Unscrew the screw at the bottom.
Slide and remove the bottom part.
Remove the expansion board cover. Open the left panel, when viewed from the front.
Remove the panel on the right side. Remove the shield on the left. Remove the back panel. It removes from bottom to top.
Remove the panel at the top. Twist it as shown in the photo and pull it back.
This is the front panel. Unhook the plastic tabs at the bottom and in two places at the top. Use photos for reference.
It is easy to unhook plastic tabs from the front. Unhook the plastic tabs by lifting them with a flathead screwdriver and lift the bezel.
The rest is easy. Unhook the white plastic ring and vinyl tape that holds the power cable.
Unplug the flat cables from 3.5“ FDD drives.
Unhook the four plastic tabs and remove the FDD drives.
Carefully remove the I/O slot riser by lifting it vertically.
Unhook the two plastic tabs and turn the PSU diagonally.
Disconnect the power connector that is connected to the motherboard and cable which goes to the speaker.
Unhook the two white plastic tabs which are left and right, unplug the flat cable and carefully remove the rear connector board diagonally.
Carefully and slowly remove the base. It should be possible to remove it without bending the shielding and without using force.
Unplug the speaker cable.
Unplug the circled connector.
Remove the lower connector board (mouse keyboard joystick). Unhook the white plastic tabs and unplug the flat cable.
Unhook the white plastic tabs and remove the motherboard.
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